TREK™ Cleaning Machines Just Increased the Efficiency of Maintaining the Floors in Your Facility.

  • One-pass cleanup.
  • Prepares floor for scrubbing.
  • Removes debris that can damage your forklift or scrubber.
  • Unique V-shaped bristle pattern contains up to 99% of debris within the broom—even when turning corners.

TREK™ PB60 Features

Quickly attaches to your existing forklift.

60″ broom sweeps a wide path, minimizing the number of passes required to sweep. your floor or outside area.

The PB60 comes on a reusable pallet to store easily on the floor or in a rack.

Three Broom Options

All options have 16 rows of bristles.

Standard multipurpose bristles

Part # 00-60001

Fine bristles for smooth or polished/finished floors

Part # 00-60002

Stiff bristles for rough surface or outdoor use

Part # 00-60003

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